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IW RW SGC Bluegrasrags Apolo
EMS Code RAG n 03
Date of Birth 14/07/2009
Fenotype aa cscs BB Dd oo s2s2
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, PKDADN, HCM1ADN
Blood type A

Apollo (Greco-Roman God of light and sun), is a beautiful seal bicolor male (high mitted) we have imported from Kentucky, USA. We have put the same name as the most "apollonian" God because the great type and body he has! His parents are:

QGC Chatandolls Cye
Bluegrasrags Southern Blue Belle

   Apollo belongs to a ragdoll line of TICA Champions, traditional lines, which includes an International Winner, the first ragdoll in getting the Outstanding Sire award, and the first ragdoll who got the TICA Supreme award, definitely he has a very impressive pedigree! then it is not very strange, at just one year old, Apollo continues the awards family saga, getting the TICA Supreme Grand Champion award... but even more, he has been the 2011 TICA best international ragdoll, and as his grand mother, he also has gotten the TICA International Winner award.

   Apollo is a very robust and dense cat, very muscular. He has the most beautiful deep blue eyes color we have ever seen in a ragdoll, in addition to a good profile and a very long and silky tail which has no end ...

   Apollo will bring to our breeding program a wonderful American ragdoll line of big size and boning, and very very sweet temperament that we hope it will complement and enhance our current breeding line.

   Thank you so much to Cindy Carpenter for letting us to have a ragdoll so apollonian!

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