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Kebekat CastNoShadow Isis
EMS Code RAG a 03
Date of Birth 22/07/2008
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative FeLV, FIV, PKD, HCM1
Blood type A

Isis (Egyptian goddess of love, magic and motherhood ), is a blue bicolor female (high mitted) perfectly marked who has arrived from Montreal, Canada and she is the daugther of

Kebekat Wobbler
Ch Kebekat Praline

   Isis comes from a fabulous CFA ragdoll line, with lots of Grand Champions. She is going to enrich our cattery giving us the most classic ragdoll line (100% traditional line). Isis is a real beauty and with an amazing temperament.

   In her breeder words "...Isis has lots and lots of coat, gorgeous eye color and shape. She has a very broad head and excellent earset, real good boning and somewhat chubby for a girl. Her facial markings are perfect and she has very good point color..."

   Because her back is very very light she was called "Cast No Shadow", as a song title of English rock band Oasis...

   We want to thank to Isabelle Bellavance to let us to keep this so magic female.

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