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Ch OlympoDolls Isthar
EMS Code RAG a 03
Date of Birth 10/05/2015
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative HCM*PKD*
Blood type
* Both parents have negative test results.

Isthar (Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex.) is a blue point bicolor (high mitted) female born at home whose parents are

RW SGC NW´15 OlympoDolls Win God DVM
RW QGC Riterags Venus

   Isthar is a big female, with the same gorgeous type of her father and with the eyes color of her mother. But she also has the charming and sweet temperament of her father, she is a love to die for... so with this pack of qualities, she only could keep at home...

   We cross our fingers for her and really hope she follows her father steps giving as a lot of happiness at the show halls.

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