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Ch. OlympoDolls Minerva
EMS Code RAG a 03
Date of Birth 06/10/2011
Fenotype aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative PKD*, HCM1*
Blood type A
* Both parents have negative test results.

Minerva (Roman Goddess of the poetry, medicine and wisdom), is a beautiful blue bicolor female (high mitted) daughter of:

IW SGC Bluegrasrags Apollo
IW SGC OlympoDolls Diana DSM JW

   Minerva has inherited her father beautiful eyes color, his body type, in addition to his strongness, size and good boning. From her mother, she has inherited her "doll" expression and her temperament, the sweetest you could ask for...

   And what to say about Minerva ears´ set, size and shape? for us they are simply perfect, just like we like to see in a Ragdoll, and in judges opinion this is Minerva´s best quality!

   Minerva is nicely marked for showing, just a little too much white in our opinion, then we will have to look for a beautiful prince who compesate this...

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