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OlympoDolls Thor
EMS Code RAG a 03 21
Date of Birth 15/03/2013
Fenotype Aa cscs BB dd oo s2s2
Tested negative PKD*, HCMDNA
Blood type B
* Ambos padres estan testados con resultado negativo.

Thor (Norse God of thunder and lightning), is a beautiful blue lynx bicolor male (high mitted) born at home whose parents are

Ch Riterags Hermes
RW QGC Riterags Venus

   Thor was showed at kitten class and did it really nice, but as he does not like to be shown, he gets very shy at show hall, we finally decided not show him but he had to be a keeper, as he is the perfect combinations of his parents...

   Thor has outstanding qualities like an strong chin and a charming sweet doll face expresion but also an strong bonning...

   We just have to wait and cross our fingers to see if Thor transmitts all these qualities to her offspring, that it would make us very happy...

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