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We deliver our pet kittens when they are at least 14 weeks old, which is the needed time:

  • to put them the needed vaccinations according to their age,
  • to be micro-chipped,
  • to be dewormed two times at least,
  • kittens are well socialized,
  • kittens are able to use the litter cage and the scratching post,
  • kittens are able to eat alone and do not need their mother help.

All our pet kittens are spayed/neutered prior going to their new homes.


Sanitary guarantees:

We give an official vet certificate of good health signed few days before delivering the kitten.

Genetic guarantees:

A contract is signed to insure the kitten for the first two years of life against any concealed genetic illness. In such case, we replace the kitten with a new one.

Kittens belongings:

  • European passport with all the mandatory vaccinations.
  • Oficial pedigree (FIFE or TICA pedigree).
  • Owner pedigree transfer.
  • Sanitary guarantees.
  • Genetic guarantees.
  • Airlines approved pet carrier.
  • Baby kit courtesy of Royal Canin (including samples of food).
  • Information and care guide to help you to take care of your new forever friend.

OlympoDolls ragdolls: header